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4 Mile Run

I did four miles today, and also my relationship with Harry came to an end. I listened to the first book 9 years ago on my first drive out to Des Moines. The second book I also listened to on a drive to Des Moines, and ever since he has been a great running partner. The fairly long books and compelling story line have really made it a lot easier for me to run. I have my next running partner lined up, but that will be short-lived so I am ever vigilant for new books.

First Bike Ride

It was a beautiful day today and I was able to not only get out for a run (4), but I also went for a very short bike ride (2). It was great to get on the bike again. I got some new pedals/shoes this Winter and also a new windbreaker. They both performed excellently. Bring on the warm weather!