5 Mile Run

I put in 5 miles today, pacing myself at a 9-minute mile, which is about as fast as it gets for me right now. Hopefully I will be able to get that down over the next few months. Light flurries when I started, spitting rain when I finished.

4 Mile Run

I did four miles today, and also my relationship with Harry came to an end. I listened to the first book 9 years ago on my first drive out to Des Moines. The second book I also listened to on a drive to Des Moines, and ever since he has been a great running partner. The fairly long books and compelling story line have really made it a lot easier for me to run. I have my next running partner lined up, but that will be short-lived so I am ever vigilant for new books.

6 Mile Run

I did 6 miles today, with my ankle brace on. I am on track 299 out of 305 for Harry Potter, so I think a short run is in store for tomorrow. I also remembered I have a GPS trainer that I can start using, which I plan on trying out tomorrow.

5 Mile Run

After a couple of days off to rest my ankle I put in 5 good miles today.

In other news, Harry Potter is my running partner. I am just about to the end of book 7 and will be sad to see Harry go. Next up I have the third book in the Hunger Games trilogy and then I am open.

Training for what? Who knows